Don’t Dream Anymore! It Is The Time To Wake Up!!!

Human form of life is very rare from modern scientific view as well as Vedic view. Rare things have great value. Great value should be properly used. Proper use of anything means active use of those things. Active us does not involve dream. Dream is possible only in passive stage. It means human life can not be properly used if we go on dreaming only. Thus for proper use of this rare human life it is the time to wake up.
What is human life?
Modern science describes human life as most evolved form of life and Vedic science declares the human form of life as highest form of life among 84,00,000 species of creatures. Understanding may be different but essence is same in both system. Human lies in top form among all species of life in terms of intelligence. Human body is gifted with so many facilities. Due to this consciousness human can decide what to do and what not to do. It is said that this is the only form which can acquire knowledge about God and hence can make arrangement for going back to Godhead. Human can use or misuse their independence. If they misuse it they will suffer in this world of birth and death cycle and if they properly use it they can go back home to Godhead according to scriptures.
How rare things have great value?
Just for understanding, value of Gold is too much in comparison to iron because is gold is rare and iron is abundant. In comparison to diamond gold is of less value because diamond is much rare. At the same time platinum is still more valuable because it is too rare. In this ways rare things have high value. Here , human life is rare among all species of life so is the most valuable according to Vedic science.Read More by clicking here


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