Waiting Hours

Really waiting hours are too tough whether it is the time of  waiting for academic result or health report , whether it is the time of personal relationship such as proposal approval or business waiting. When we come finally to waiting hours or minutes at that moment we really feel how powerful are the each seconds. This is why I am writing on this topics.
Last year I was waiting for my academic result. That time I felt one month to be longer than the entire period of study (year).  Before that I was applying for abroad visa for academic purposes. Unfortunately my visa appeal was rejected. I was not granted visa. I was waiting for about six month to get the report of my visa application . That time those six months were really longer than six years or even more to me because when I was waiting for the same I was really thinking of the result every time. Just yesterday I was at hospital. I was there to check up the health condition of my relative.  It took just an hour to get the health report and at that time I was feeling it longer to pass than a month or more. Similarly every waiting hours are really difficult.
According to Bhagavad-Gita , this is due to too much attachment on the result. Waiting hours mean nearest time to the result or something else. We expect result to favor us which is in direct word the waiting of result. We get the direct pain while waiting it. Thus Bhagavad-Gita suggests us to not worry about the result. Only thing we can do is nice preparation and action but not expect anything from it. Doing this we can get comfort even in the waiting hours.


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