If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall down for nothing.

I was attaining a spiritual program at Hare Krishna Temple, Nepal. It was already late when I reached there. A senior devotee (HG Patri Prabhu) was giving Bhagavad-Gita class to all assembled devotees there. I came to listen the same. His class was such a juicy that more we drank more we wanted. His wonderful speech, style and matured devotion were the basic reason for heart transformation of attendants. We were encouraged us to participate in the global movement of spreading Krishna Consciousness. Many times he was repeating one verse ‘if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall down for nothing’. Really, he was stressing on this verse frequently but I was a bit slower to understand its meaning. He was giving his wonderful class and everybody were listening him with deep concentration but at later half of his wonderful class , my mind couldn’t focus on his lecture but the same verse which he was stressing earlier attracted my  mind frequently. My mind was repeating the same verse time and again. Only then I could get a clue why he was stressing on that verse frequently.
Last year I met a friend who was my school friend some three years ago. We started to talk about the events which took place in that three years interval. I was thinking that he’d finished intermediate level education but mine expectation failed as he said that he couldn’t read in those three years. Reason behind this was neither the financial nor family obstacle but this was due to his careless behavior. He was explaining the reason to me. He was saying that as I wasn’t fixed/determined for my study I lost time in just watching movie, going to disco and so on. Really as he was not determined for some special (to say study) he was running behind the nonsense which is at all nothing.
Similarly, if we don’t get determined to do something special we will pass our time for similar nonsense activities which in turn may ruin our beautiful life. Scriptures say that our life (human life) is very rare and if we don’t stand for cultivating Krishna consciousness (god consciousness) we will be dragged to the clutches of illusion (Maya). Thus if we don’t stand for Krishna consciousness we will fall down to serve the illusion and we is nothing but the meaning of same verse ‘If we don’t stand for something you’ll fall down for nothing.’


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