What is our Actual Identity? Are we body or soul?

(Here is proof)
Everyone is thinking 'my this my that, my body' but who actually is that I? May be I were confused who that I is but I was pretty sure that I is speaking from inside. I am also sure that that I is same in me now as was in my childhood and experience shows that that I feeling is always the same. This means that I is not the subject to any change but remains unchanged but my body is always changing . The body to whom I thought I am in my childhood is not with me now and this present body is sure to be finished one day. Thinking in this way I was sure that I am not the one that is changing . That one which finishes with time is not me because that 'I 'seen through experience always remains the same. If it remains same since childhood body to youth body and youth body to old age body then it must be unchanged with our bodily death. Thus that is actually my identity. Thinking in this way I was quite sure that I m not this body but the soul..........................(READ FULL)


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