Chanting the Holy Name is Only Hope

One may enter forest to meditate for spiritual achievement or may perform the large rituals they are not guaranteed in scriptures to attain the real benefit  but simple may be the process but chanting the holy name of God alone can give the highest spiritual achievement in this age of Kali.
The present age of quarrel and hypocracy is regarded as the dark age of the entire civilization. Level exceeding sins, ignorance , carelessness and strong clutches of illusion has made this age the dark age. Every person is committing sin in various ways. Violence, murder, rape , cheating etc. are seen grown at alarming rate. Meanwhile technology  has been misused to create the devastating condition in the world. Science has pushed more and more toward the desert of hopelessness. People have identified their body to be their identiy. Entire civilization is no more than the bodily civilization. God, whom people believe to be the cause of every positive hopes have nowadays been forgotten by the people. Presently people are living their life as fish lives outside the water in miserable (hopeless ) condition. We are not happy at all. Happiness has been just the type of advertisement which in real life is no more than the cheating.
In such condition people’s life has been increasingly miserable day by day. Even if we try ourselves to turn towards the God  other procedures such as meditation, rituals etc.  can not give us the full satisfaction and right achievement. Scriptures explain that although this age of kali is faulty 99 percent but only one percent of it is good .That is , one can easily attain the highest perfection by chanting the name of God alone. Provided that the names are prescribed by authentic scripture one can chant those names of God irrespective of own caste, culture, religion and so on.  One should just chant the name of God by avoiding offenses. One should chant the name of God very sincerely. Vedas prescribe Hare Krishna Mahamantra : Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare  Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare   to chant. One may chant  other names also but this is compared to watering of the plant at root.  Only chanting is guaranteed and prescribed for this age of Kali.


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