Where Did God Come From

Spiritual civilization explains Supreme God to be the source of all sources and cause of all causes. God is described as the original source of each and everything. Meanwhile modern civilization forwards another concept. That is it states that whole existence is just the combination of energy and matter. It came from no such source as God but it was forever in the form of matter and energy combination. When we say that everything of the world came from God they ask us a question immediately ‘where Did God come from then?’
The question raised is sensible too in first look but totally insensible when dived into depth . First of all those who ask such questions should go thoroughly the whole subject of spirituality. According to spirituality, this world is also real and spiritual world is also real but material world is temporary but spiritual is permanent. We can practically know how material existence is temporary. But feeling of I  ( i.e. soul and super soul which are base of spirituality )inside us remain exactly same irrespective of time. In this way material world is temporary and spiritual world is permanent. It is also sensible to say that temporary things have both origin and end. Secondly, those who say if everything has its origin then what is the origin of God and from  where God came from should first of all understand the definition and then meaning of God. The answer for it is described in details relatively.
Spiritual civilization states that if there is any source of God then that source is also God because definition of God is source of everything. Thus source or origin of God is also God ( according to  this reasoning). So to talk of his origin seems childish. It is clear that God’s source is also God Thus , God has existed from eternity and will exist for eternity i.e. forever. But this world is not similar. God never changes but world changes. If God was the subject of change then he would have become very old now. If is very old then he is not God. He should be ever attractive and youthful forever due to his inconceivable energy. Thus God is not the subject to change . For unchanging one there should be no origin at all. For changing things it is impossible to remain same. For example a compound comes from combination of elements and elements also come from other elements during atomic and nuclear changes such as nuclear explosions. Complicated elements come from simple elements. Here origin  of compounds is element and source of complicated elements is simpler element. Here molecules and elements are temporary because they do not remain same forever i.e. they are temporary. It clearly shows that there should be the source of every temporary thing. Hence simpler elements also have other source and it eventually should come from some permanent thing. Otherwise how can it come. But, permanent things have no origin. Hence God has no origin or in other word the origin of God is also God.
How is it possible?
For example take the example of time. For understanding we take time to be permanent thing. Just imagine the origin of time? Can you find the origin of time? No. Was time started some millions year ago? Or did it originated some billions years ago? If you say yes then what about before that? Thus there was time even before that and analyzing in this way we find no origin of time. Similarly time will exist forever in future. Do you agree? Of course you agree with it. Here, nobody can deny the existence of time nor debate its origin and end. In the same way God has neither origin nor end. Thus God came from himself and we can not deny his existence but other things came from him.This is the answer for the question ‘ where did God come from?’


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