Destination Krishna

>>>Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. Krishna is the personal name of God as described by Vedic scripture. (So, Right Destination for Everyone uses the name ‘Krishna’ frequently to refer God but it does not mean the name ‘Krishna ‘ only is the name of God .Actually God has innumerable names out of them Krishna is one. Some say him Allah , some say him Govinda, some say him Vishnu, some say him Yahweh etc. )
Krishna is both way for destination and destination. God is full of every opulent. He is the source of every sources and things and cause of every causes. Except than God all other beings  are subject to change but God is even the source of change.  Thus scriptures describe him as the cause of every causes.
If so our source is also God. It is also true that from whom we originally come is also the subject for final destination otherwise what is our destination? Every thing is existed with standing (based) on other things and final subject for resting whole thing is also God. In this point Krishna is the destination of all. Destination Krishna means destination of Godly life . In other words, to regain our original consciousness and hence to be his eternal devotee in his abode called Spiritual world is the final destination.
How to get that destination?
Of course Krishna is not cheap one. We cannot get him through cheap means. Actually there is only one process to get him but that way is rarest of all process . It is the process of devotion . Destination Krishna is possible only through the process of devotion. This process is the way for uncontaminated love towards Krishna. Scriptures basically prescribe nine ways of devotion: listening, singing, remembering, Serving the lotus feet of God, Deity worshiping, praying , executing orders, serving as friend and complete surrendering which are totally for God , with God and about God. Thus we have to follow these nine process to be successful to get final destination called Destination Krishna.


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