Teaching of Bible is not against Krishna

Bible is sacred religious book respected by majority of human beings. Authority of Bible cannot be questioned. Bible is good from many angle and is the main book of Christianity.
But Bible is easy for easy people and difficult for difficult one. When we try to take credit of whole Bible ourselves then the meaning of Bible obviously cannot be drawn accurately. Whether one is Christian or Hindu or other the chance of misinterpreting Bible always remains. Then they eventually conclude that Bible does not accept Krishna. Some Christian then begin to disrespect Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Some Hindu neglect and even criticize Bible by saying that Bible is not at all religious book and Bible is against Krishna. It is the major misunderstanding. To understand this sacred and confidential science one should first of all be not Christian nor Hindu or other. Some of the major misinterpretation and misunderstanding are related on following points (Also non sectarian and harmonically meaning of those points is given)
  •           In the Ten Commandment it is said that”… you shall have no other gods before me….” . This point is most misunderstood one. Based on this commandment many people are saying that Bible does not accepts Krishna and they take Krishna as Separate God. But we cannot find proof for Krishna to be another God but qualities of God explained in Bible and that of Krishna are exactly same. Thus Krishna is one of the name of God but not the different God. In fact there is only one God in the entire existence but not two but same one is appeared differently in two different circumstances such as same Sun appears rising somewhere and setting somewhere.
  •              IDOL worship : Bible is against Idol worship while Hindu and other worship idol. In this point misunderstanding is seen. In fact IDOL worship of supreme lord is not condemned in Bible. Bible condemns the idol worship of those who are not God but are falsely acting like God i.e. lesser gods.  Exodus 20.4-5 says : “Thou shalt not make anything that is unto thee any graven [carved ] image of any likeness of anything that is in the sky above , or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth… Thou shalt not bow down to them , nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God.”
     This does not condemns the deity worship of God. Krishna is in one way different than explained above. By his inconceivable energy he is at the same time not likeness of anything explained above. Furthermore most prominent form of Krishna called four handed Vishnu form is not anything likeness of above referred by Exodus.  Thus although bible is against idol worship in surface meaning but in depth it is not against the deity worship of supreme God .

  • .         Name of God : In Bible  Jesus says that God has the name. Somewhere it is quoted the name ‘Yahweh’. It does not say only this name. Furthermore Jesus himself declares that he has not given all knowledge in Bible . Yahweh refers the quality of God who is almighty and self –existing. Krishna is also referring quality of God ‘all attractive one’. For example same word pronounces differently in different languages then how the name of God cannot be?
Also message of both Jesus and Krishna contradict one another. Nowhere in Bible Jesus says he is God but says he is the Son of God. Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita that he is the Supreme God and father of whole existence. Thus we have to accept both and draw conclusion. In fact none of the scripture are to be neglected but both should be respected. It is the major essence of present time.
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