Destination Jesus

Jesus to whom Holy Bible declares to be the son of God is not worship able only to Christians but he is equally important to every living being as the savior. Teachings of Jesus are not only for certain sects and faith groups but for everyone because he is one of the prominent messenger of God over entire world. God is original being and source of everyone and he is common for everyone. Jesus never claimed himself to be God but the servant and son of God. This message in different words and platform can be found in every scriptures of the world. Destination jesus in Right Destination for Everyone is mean for appealing everyone not to disrespect Jesus but to accept him as the son of God and hence savior.
Jesus has taught us the way to love God which is not only the essence of Bible but every scriptures of the world. We can find same message in Bhagavad-Gita and same in Quran . Jesus has prescribed to chant the name of God which is also found in Vedas. Jesus has taught us the lesson of morality which can be found in every scriptures of the world. Every scripture says that God is the original father and same is taught by Jesus. Thus , Jesus is the messenger of God and we have to obey him. To obey him means to love God. It is what destination Jesus means.
Hence , Jesus is not the person to be hated but to be worshipped. Those who love Jesus will certainly love God and hence Krishna because Krishna is the name of God as prescribed by Vedic scriptures and Vice versa. Thus Destination Jesus is in different way and platform the same as Destination Krishna. Hence, we love Jesus and Krishna both.


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