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Blog is the place in the web to express the personal ( or group) thoughts, feelings and opinions . Blog is not the news site although latest events in a way or other may come in the blog. It entirely depends upon our internal feelings on the subject matter. Spirituality is the core concept of the whole because our ultimate answer and destination can be found in spirituality not other. In this sense spirituality is the vast deep subject. To express spirituality in the form of articles in blog is not the ordinary thing. It is in fact the most difficult one. Thus , so called spiritual blog site can not be the true spiritual blog.
True spiritual blog is not dedicated only with some sects of religion. In fact spirituality is far wider to compress it in some sects only. Thus, true spiritual blog never takes the part of particular sects only but it represents spirituality in overall. Thus, the blog which talks of all the aspects of spirituality according to situations and circumstances can be spiritual blog. True spiritual blog is never out of touch from the core idea of spirituality. Spiritual blog is concerned to relate each and every aspects of life with the supreme cause called God. It is not just some sort of meditation only. True spiritual blog spreads spiritual awareness and is dedicated to establish harmony in the society. True spiritual blog is equally important to spread the global principle of religion which includes the chapter of morality, works and so on. True means which is not false and if the blog only talks of imagination but not its proof then that site is not true spiritual blog.
Nowadays, we can find many blogs which are encouraging material lifestyle. Spiritual blog never encourages the material lifestyle and it eventually gives emphasis in spiritual way of living. Thus it is all upon us to decide whether the blog is truly spiritual one or not.


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