Real Spiritual Blog

Real spiritual Blog
The blog whose words, ideas, method and purpose are spiritual is the real spiritual blog. Blog that can spiritualize the life of its readers is the need and the essence of present time. The articles that talk of spirituality in surface level cannot change the life of its readers. Spiritual articles should be natural not artificial. Real spiritual blog talks the final message of every scripture.
Competition among spiritual blogs
Competition among spiritual blogs is severe nowadays. Throat cut competition has not left the field of spirituality untouched. Actually those which are participating in this competition but are centralized to down the popularity of other competitors in wrong ways are not real spiritual blogs. It should be understood clearly. Real spiritual blog is centralized to help the progress of other.
Solution for present scenario
The basic remedy for this is to acquire the true spiritual knowledge from the authentic source of spiritual information. Spiritual blogger should not write unproven and faulty ideas in their articles. They should develop the habit of respecting every demarcation.
Rise of Real Spiritual Blog
When spiritual articles don’t contradict the main essence of spirituality we can approve those sites to be the real spiritual blog. Although blog is the collection of personal feelings, thoughts, ideas and interpretation it is somehow different from spiritual blog. If someone claims own blog to be real spiritual blog then spirituality should be truly represented. Otherwise one cannot claim own personal thoughts by the name spiritual blog. Thus real spiritual blog is not just the collection of personal thoughts and feelings. Personal thoughts, feeling, interpretation etc are the part of personal blog but spiritual thoughts, feelings, interpretations etc. are the part of spiritual blog. If these points are kept in mind by called spiritual bloggers we will see the rise of real spiritual blog soon.


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