Religious Destination

Religious life is the actual destination not the sentiment or blind faith. In absolute platform there are no separate religions but a single common religion of all. Thus irrespective of our identification as Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. everyone of us are the follower of the same root religion of the soul called eternal religion. Eternal religion is in fact the science and science is applicable for all not to the limited sects or group.
Eternally we are part and parcel of the Supreme God. We are not God but qualitatively we are similar with God whereas we are too minute quantitatively but God is far vast than our imagination. That is God is richest and we are poorest. As a part and parcel of Supreme God we are dependent upon him in every way. Without him nothing is possible for us . He is eternally controller and we are controlled. He lacks nothing but we lack everything if we separate ourselves from him. In this point he is master and we are servant eternally. Actually we can not serve him but he is so kind that he gives us the opportunity to serve him. God accepts nothing from us if it is not done with love. Thus to serve him with love by properly utilizing the opportunity given by him is our actual religion . It is our constitutional position and religion. Presently we are deprived of that eternal religion but by appropriate mean we have to regain that destination called religious destination.
Thus religious destination is entirely the subject of re-attaining our constitutional and eternal position. Our life have no more significance if we fail to get that eternal service. There are different ways of service but it should be always kept in mind that God only accepts the thing done with love not otherwise.


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