Destination Nepal

Pradeep Bhandari , Nepal
I heard someone complaining about Nepal in the public place yesterday. From this Sunday ( 7 Aug ) Nepal was going to implement the laws to aware people about Smoking and Intoxication. The person whom I found insulting about Nepal was one of the heavy smoker. He was saying that Nepal is not good at all. It is least developed nation and was comparing with highly developed nation of the world such as America , European countries etc.
When I heard his rough sentences about Nepal , I went nearby him and raised the question ‘Why are you speaking so badly about Nepal?’ Immediately, his friend sitting nearby him said that some men just slapped him for smoking in public place and threw away his smoke away as he found him smoking in this public place. Then I knew the fact why he was so much angry with Nepal.
Then I started to talk with him (the smoker). “Brother, why are you speaking so badly about Nepal?  Why are you complaining that Nepal is not developed at all? Why do you insult politicians only? Why do you give bad remarks about Nepal?” I was just throwing such questions in his face”. Then I asked him “why did you smoke in the public place?”. He replied with saying why not to smoke. I asked him ,”Are you not aware of the recent laws about smoking?” He said immediately saying who will follow that law? In Nepal, laws are formulated but never implemented. His reply was somewhat aggressive. I cooled down and started to clarify.  I said him that it is not only the responsibility of government or other lawmakers to implement but we, people should implement the law. We have to bring law into action. It is your fundamental mistake that you are not following the law but complaining. What is the meaning of complaining if you are unable to follow the law? It is not only your problem but the problem of majority of people in Nepal. They are just complaining and at the same time are not following the rules and regulations. It is the major problem of our. It is not wise to complain about the result if we are careless to the cause. It means that we are responsible for the condition of Nepal as we are not properly executing our duty.
After that I started to point out the basic special features of Nepal that other countries are still lacking and that makes Nepal the destination of millions of people. Destination Nepal is not the surface concept but it is the reality of time and creation.
Nepal is the well established nation with its foundation in Vedic culture. To follow Vedic culture is not the ordinary thing. It is the top among all civilization of the world.
Nepal is the gift of nature (God) which can easily win the heart of everyone. And so on.
Analyzing in this way it can be understood that Nepal is one of the best nation of the world. We have to preserve what good we have and improve what we are lacking. This is the basic requirement of everyone.
After hearing my argument he became silent and it found him in the mood of deep thought and may be he was convinced with my words about destination Nepal.


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