Leaving rented room

Have you ever lived in the rented room? Is it your first time in rented room or not? If it is your first experience you will experience death soon. If it is not first time experience you have experienced death already, believe me or not.
You might have surprised. Death? Is it that much cheaper? You may be thinking in this manner. True in one sense it is really a form of death. In fact we are dying at every moment as we cannot go back to past. In another sense leaving rented room is very good point for experiencing the real death. How?
First of my own example
I have been living in rented room for last five year. Present room is third room that I have rented. I lived in first rented room for about 2.5 year; in second for about 1.5 year and present is just rented one. While leaving previously rented room our heart becomes very heavy and feels uncomfortable just like the death of someone.  I had good relationship with other members of that house. They used to love me and I also love them very much. My life in my first rented room was exactly like living in own house. Despite uncomfortable room I used to feel comfortable to stay there. But later on that room was really inappropriate for me to live because darkness of room was affecting my visual power of eye as well as my study. As I found the room inappropriate to stay I had only one alternative. That is to migrate to new room. So I searched next room for rent and I decided to leave that first room. In doing so I was really sad. The love, affection (material attachment) tried hard to stop me. Members of that house were feeling too much sadness. Really they even cried in pain. It was really difficult for me to leave that room. But as it was already fixed I migrated to the new room. I was less attached with the latter one. I lived in second room for about 1.5 year. Although my relationship with the members of new rented house was good but it was not deep like former one. I was not that much attached with them but not affection free. I was still attached to that room as it was large and suitable for study. Later on I moved to new room. In recent migration I found some easiness due to lower degree of attachment. We feel very strange fair while leaving the rented room.
To leave the dwelled room is not the ordinary thing but it is necessary to do so. Death is also the similar change. Soul is the actual own being and it dwells in the body. Due to acceptance of body we develop various relationships with other beings in our life. We call someone our parents, someone our friends and someone our enemy.  We become attached with the property, relations, body and so on but when body becomes useless we give up old worn out body and accept the new body. This is called death. More intimate is our relationship more painful the death becomes both for dying person and relatives. More is the attachment with present condition more difficult it becomes to accept new condition. Rented room is hence the analogy of death. While leaving rented room we leave the room and accept new one. During our real death our soul leaves one body and accepts new one. Death also creates disappearance in one place and appearance in another and leaving room does the same. It is practically felt. More we are attached with the members of the house where we rent the room more difficult it becomes for us to leave that room just like in death. New room may be good or bad we cannot become 100% sure. Similarly new body may be higher one or lower one we cannot say. It is all determined by our past actions.


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