Sick City : Sex City

Sex is the theme of procreation. Procreation means begetting the offspiring. It is the natural process. Not only human beings but animal also procreate and enjoy the sex life in bodily level. Anyway sex is also a form of bodily pleasure but when we run after bodily pleasure only our life is sure to go in vain.
Scriptures sanction the regulated sex life. When sex is uncontrolled it is more or less the animal propensity. Scriptures warn us to remain untouched by such type of sex life. But nowadays our society has been entirely centred for sex. Sex has been the only one theme of present days civilization.
Nowadays our cities and villages are sick of sex. Human beings are behaving just like animals. Sex has stepped down to road from room. People are starting the business of sex and earning money. People are feeling the boundaries of marriage too narrow and are broking its wall to enjoy animalistic way of sex outside marriage. In the name of modernisation sex abuse has been increasing day by day. Intimate relationships come to an end just because of sexual affairs. Similarly life threatening diseases are spreading in our society at unmeasurable speed. Our city has really been sick of sex.
Treatment : Sex is good when it is regulated but unregulated sex life is the major cause for distruction of good civilization. It is extremely important to correct this misdirected ( sex-centred) civilization.


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