Misled & misleader

Times and again, the modern days civilization has been the big book of misled chapters, just in front of our eyes. We, a way or other, are misled by our society and various aspects of our society.
We are misled right from womb inside to last breath and even after death. We are supplied with what is unfavorable for us. We are cheated time and again through the weapon of modern education, occupation, politics, and technologies and so on. We are searching for happiness but happiness never enters the screen of our life except than the big big advertisements of happiness in the screen of Television. We want to quench the thirst of pure love but given the piles of deserted water containers consisting of hatred atmosphere. We are hated but never loved. We are obliged to memorize insensible formulas but never the true education. We are shown the green grass of level exceeding salaries but hit by the dry grass of tiredness and losses. Our parents are exploiting us and our teachers are exploiting us. Then what to talk of these modern days’ politicians? Actually we are misled. This is the bitter truth of present day’s civilization.
What is its remedy? Of course such dry civilization should be turned by 180. Otherwise no hope remains for real prosperity and humanity.
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