Forgetfulness:The Major Symptom

Disease is examined and treated on the basis of symptom it carries. When we talk of tuberculosis we examine, confirm and treat it on the basis of the symptom it carries such as blood on sputum, cough and so on. Among them blood on sputum may be considered to be major symptom. Similarly, when we talk of this age, Kali Yuga its major symptom may be summarized in a single word ‘forgetfulness’.
In previous ages, as per Vedic scriptures people had very sharp intelligence and memory. They could memorize the large and large verses just on the basis of one time hearing it. Thus they preserved the whole Vedic scriptures due to their high memory. Nowadays we can hardly memorize some tiny information despite of our continuous effort to do so.
What’s your good name sir? My name is (…..). A person replies in the question of another. They talk for a while and go away. One the way the person forgets what was the name of the person whom he had asked his name just few minutes ago. Right? Do you agree?  Does it happen to you as well? If yes you also fall in my category. What to talk of you and me only but entire human society is non-different than you and me.
Similarly, we cannot remember what we studied just a minute ago. Also, we cannot remember what exactly our childhood was like. We cannot re-experience the moment when we sucked milk from our mother’s breast.  There is no doubt that we forget the things. What to talk of other we have forgotten our own identity. We identity the bundle of muscle and bones to be our identity which  we are not at all as that meets in destruction in due course of time. We have forgotten that we are not this body but an eternal soul which never dies and gets birth. We live eternally and we are actually the eternal part and parcel of Supreme lord. We are his eternal servant but we have forgotten it. Vedic scriptures remind us frequently of the same thing.  Actually forgetfulness has been the major symptom of this Dark Age and we have to overcome it by totally surrending to the lotus feet of Krishna.


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