Varnashram ISKCON Spiritual Academy

Back in 2006, all  the devotes endeavored to manually transform a bar/club into a pivot of spiritual ashram. Under the guidance  and support from H.G.Patri prabhu, the 6th floor of Radha bhaban   of Godhead. Primarily,VISA is a destination where children, youth and senior devotee are systematically  and   practically taught the treasures of vedic knowledge. From  introductory classes to advanced puranas, all the aspirants are educated by bona- fide Acaryas i. e. full-time practitioners of bhakti.

Shined to become the window to Goloka vrindavan (topmost spiritual world). Varnashram ISKCON spiritual academy (VISA, then called Vaikuntha International Spiritual Academy ) is[ Read Full >>>]


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